Patricia’s IVF Success Story

“There are no words to describe the absolute joy that overtook us as they laid him in my arms.”

My husband and I have been blessed with children but felt strongly that our family was not yet complete. Prior to our marriage, my husband had had a vasectomy and had it reversed after we married. We did have one child after the reversal but had trouble getting pregnant again. After trying for a length of time on our own, my obgyn suggested that we see Dr. Stegmann at Aspire.

As of our first visit, we were on a new journey with a team that we had complete confidence in.  Dr. Stegmann took the time to explain the possible options available to us based on her first assessment and with the understanding that a few more steps needed to be taken to determine our best option. She explained everything in a way that we could understand and therefore felt confident enough to make important decisions. We had many questions on a number of occasions to which she and her staff always answered thoroughly and never made us feel rushed. There was an atmosphere of family and a team effort from everyone on staff at Aspire, from the ladies at the front desk to the financial department and of course, the nurses and Dr. Stegmann. We certainly felt that they were all rooting for us.

Our best option was to proceed via IVF. I had always had the impression that IVF was very complicated and involved a long difficult cycle. Dr. Stegmann and my nurse made me feel so much more comfortable throughout the process than I had anticipated was possible. Instead of being overcome with anxiety and feelings of pressure, the process was one of anticipation and joy with each step completed. Incredibly, we were blessed with a positive pregnancy on our first transfer. I still get teary eyed remembering that call. I love that Dr. Stegmann was so invested that she even made calls to me herself just because she wanted to get to enjoy the fun in it all too. When it came time to transfer back to my regular ob-gyn, we truly missed the team at Aspire.

On March 23rd, we welcomed our beautiful healthy baby boy into the world. There are no words to describe the absolute joy that overtook us as they laid him in my arms. My husband and I are still mystified that we got to see a picture of him as a tiny cell blast and now he’s this incredible little baby that we hold everyday. It’s truly an awe inspiring miracle. We are so happy and forever grateful to have taken this journey with Dr. Stegmann and her amazing team.

Alexis K’s IUI Success Story

“We are the proud parents of a beautiful healthy baby girl!”

After discussing my struggles conceiving with my obgyn, she referred me to a new fertility clinic opening in Houston called Aspire.

From the moment my husband and I walked in the door, we felt welcomed, comforted, and confident that Aspire would be able to assist us with our parenthood journey. Dr. Stegmann and her team listened to our concerns, explained our options in a way we could understand and feel well informed.

We decided to go forward with the IUI procedure. You cannot understand the joy that my Husband and I felt when get got the call that our blood test came up positive for pregnancy. We both cried tears of joy! All our fears and uncertainties immediately went away.  As of 4/11/17, we are the proud parents of a beautiful healthy baby girl! We couldn’t have done it without the assistance of Aspire.

IUI Success Story

“We were able to get pregnant with our second round of IUI!”

I had an excellent experience with Aspire Fertility and I recommend them to anyone battling infertility. I was at another fertility clinic in Houston, and based on my particular issues, they said that they would not recommend anything other than IVF for me and my spouse. I was shocked, as I knew that there were other steps that were available, and our situation was not that uncommon. My husband and I decided to seek a second opinion from Aspire after a friend recommended it, and we much preferred the atmosphere. Dr. Stegmann listened to our situation, and said that we were welcome to try other methods first. We actually were able to get pregnant with our second round of IUI – that’s a huge difference than having to go through with IVF! We are thrilled with our outcome and are so grateful to Aspire for their care. Thank you!