Laboratory Technology

Laboratory Technology

Aspire Fertility is home to the first IVF Laboratory in the Southwest to be certified by the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology and the College of American Pathologists.

New developments in reproductive technology have greatly expanded our ability to help couples who have not conceived following the conventional evaluation and treatment of infertility. Our laboratory is involved in ongoing research to increase your chance of achieving pregnancy. In fact, our program has presented and published more than 100 studies, which have appeared at international meetings and in journals.

Our laboratory director has a Ph.D in reproductive biology and is certified as a High Complexity Clinical Lab Director (HCLD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB). He is also certified as Andrology Laboratory Director (ALD), Embryology Laboratory Director (ELD), and Clinical Consultant (CC) by ABB. Our team of embryologists are highly skilled in the field of reproductive medicine. They hold bachelor of science degrees and Ph.Ds and frequently attend seminars.

Many of our IVF laboratory employees have been with us for many years. The nursing staff says their favorite thing is when patients bring their babies back for a visit.

“We’re like family. It’s so rewarding to see the outcome!”
— Nisa Christian, Lab Team Member for 20+ years

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