What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

What sets Aspire Fertility apart from other fertility clinics?

Our Process

If you’ve read our story, you’ll know Aspire Fertility was inspired by the experience of having a beautiful, healthy boy through IVF, after two long years of hard work by a dedicated medical team.

We wouldn’t change the result for anything. But the experience taught us that the IVF process can be at best stressful, and at worst, heartbreaking. We saw that many clinics were not set up to provide the highest standard of care to patients. We went to our clinic expecting that they would be the ONE place that understood the emotional impact this journey. We knew we needed to be the team that demonstrate we understand.

Determined to be Different

We are determined to be different. We conducted a nationwide search to assemble the top medical and scientific minds in the industry to provide the very best outcomes possible for our patients.

Aspire fertility was developed to be a different kind of fertility clinic where we create a family feel every step of the journey. We genuinely care about how we make our patients feel. Aspire Fertility was developed to create a positive experience throughout the entire IVF journey. We pride ourselves on:

  1. Patient Experience
  2. Patient Outcomes
  3. Standard Of Care
  4. Constant Communication
  5. We’re more than just a fertility clinic; we are support.

How Aspire Is Different

We believe fertility treatment can be done better. When we launched Aspire, we overhauled the fertility treatment process from beginning to end. We wanted to eliminate every unnecessary source of stress and deliver more compassionate care to our patients.

At Aspire, we make the following commitments to our patients:
  • Provide a five-star patient experience, designed for patients by healthcare industry experts
  • Establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with your OB/GYN
  • Offer transparent pricing with no out-of-network fees or hidden costs
  • Use the most advanced technology to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy
  • Simplify the treatment process, meeting critical timelines, avoiding missed medications, and reducing travel time
  • Streamline communications between you and your clinicians, eliminating the frustration of missed calls
  • Use advanced digital technologies to help you easily manage all aspects of your fertility journey
  • Clearly explain the fertility treatment process, empowering you to make decisions that are right for you

How the Fertility Treatment Process Can Fail Patients

Seeking fertility treatment in order to start a family is a big decision. Unavoidably, there are moments of confusion and anxiety along the journey.

Successful fertility treatment depends on good communication and exact timing. But too often, fertility care is fragmented and disjointed. Healthcare professionals communicate poorly with each other, and with patients. The result is often needless anxiety and worse patient outcomes, for many reasons:

  • lack of communication between physicians leads to repeat procedures and wasted appointments
    patients face unnecessary IVF stresses—endless travel, the need to be constantly available for nurse calls, mixups and miscommunications with pharmacies
    a veil of secrecy over the embryology lab—IVF patients never see the place where their child is made
  • lack of transparent pricing can mean surprise bills and hidden charges
  • late access to advanced therapy that would have raised the odds of success at the beginning

We’ve spoken to many others who have gone through the IVF process, and we’ve heard the same stories again and again—missed calls, frantic communications, surprise bills, and unanswered questions.

A Straightforward Initial Consultation

When you make an initial consultation, you will see a reproductive endocrinologist, who will be the physician in charge of your fertility treatment. Your physician will consult with you and your partner about your medical history, current health issues, and attempts to get pregnant. Your physician will lay out some of your treatment options and recommend next steps.

During your initial consultation you will see our state-of-the-art Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART) lab. Although this is an ISO-certified clean room, it’s more than just a sterile laboratory: it’s a warm, inviting space that houses the most advanced fertility tools in the world. Through the glass wall you can see our board-certified embryologists, led by our nationally recognized lab director, at work creating families.

During the initial consultation, you will also get a tour of Aspire’s Houston Fertility Clinic and meet the team of fertility professionals dedicated to helping you achieve conception. Besides the physician, the team will generally include:

  • a primary fertility nurse who will be key to coordinating your care. As you’re also likely to interact with other nurses from time to time, we will introduce you to the entire nursing team
  • the embryologist—a scientist who will carry out procedures such as IVF
  • our on-site counselor, who can help you navigate the stresses of the process and deal with emotional and mental health issues that may arise
  • a financial adviser, who can help you to understand the costs of treatment, and may be able to assist you with insurance, grants, and other outside financial resources.

Better Communication in Testing and Treatment

Obviously, every patient and every case is different, and treatments vary greatly. It is likely your physician will recommend some further diagnostic testing before starting any treatment.

Your physician’s recommendations will depend on a number of factors. In most cases, the woman’s age, and how long she has been trying to get pregnant, will be key factors in deciding whether to recommend a treatment.

For treatments where your medications require daily monitoring, our electronic patient communication eco-system, Aspire Connect, uses modern communications technology to help you manage your journey towards creating a family:

  • Aspire Connect Scheduling, which gives an up-to-the-minute view of our office schedule, letting you easily arrange a consultation online
  • Aspire Connect Messaging, which lets you:
    • send texts to your nurse, allowing you to ask questions as you think of them and avoid frustrating “phone tag”
    • access test results from text notifications via mobile, and respond with questions directly to your clinical team
    • reach the automated attendant after-hours, or the on-call nurse without a complicated on-call system
    • receive medication reminders, view instructional videos, and confirm you’ve taken medication, so that your clinical team can make adjustments to your treatment plan in real time
  • Aspire Connect Portal, our online platform which provides:
    • a secure portal for access to your complete medical record
    • a dynamic online treatment calendar letting you stay on top of what comes next in your journey
    • a complete record of your communications through Aspire Connect Messaging
    • access to all lab reports
    • a way to view and pay your bill online
    • access to educational resources
  • Aspire Connect Video, which offers:
    • a way to connect with any member of your fertility team instantly from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device
    • live sharing of your ultrasounds, lab results, or parts of your medical record by your fertility team
    • convenient satellite offices for lab work and ultrasounds, saving you driving and travel time.

Best Practices Are Standard Care

Aspire believes that patients should not have to pay more for best practices. Therefore, when research proves that techniques improve conception rates, Aspire incorporates those techniques into their standard care wherever possible. During IVF, when the time comes to create and implant embryos, all our patients benefit from:

  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), where a single, high-quality sperm is injected directly into the center of each egg
  • Assisted Hatching, where the barrier around the egg (zona pellucida) is thinned or weakened by an embryologist to improve the chances it will implant on the lining of the uterus
  • Delayed Embryo Transfer, where eggs are retrieved and frozen, and then thawed and implanted once the body’s cycle has returned to normal—which more closely resembles natural conception

There will always be uncertainty in fertility treatment, and outcomes are never guaranteed. However, we can promise better service, clearer, more honest communication, and an excellent standard of care.

Building Beautiful Families

We’re inspiring hope and building beautiful families. Contact Aspire Fertility today!

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