The Aspire Fertility Heritage

The Aspire Fertility Heritage

Aspire Fertility is part the largest network of comprehensive fertility services in the United States.

Aspire Fertility is part of The Prelude Network, the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics, and now the largest provider of comprehensive fertility services in the U.S. Aspire Fertility includes a distinguished heritage, including RMA of Texas and Houston Fertility Specialists.

Prelude Fertility

Prelude was created with the singular mission of helping patients ensure their best chances of having a healthy baby when they are ready through comprehensive fertility services that include genetic testing, egg donation services, egg freezing services, and egg and embryo storage. The company oversees 23 fertility practices within the growing Prelude Network, and 36 total locations nationwide including these practices, satellite locations, labs and outpatient ambulatory surgery centers.

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Houston Fertility Specialists

Houston Fertility Specialists has a legacy as one of the longest-running and most successful fertility clinics in the United States. The physicians from Houston Fertility Specialists are true pioneers in modern fertility treatments, including IVF, PGD and Egg Freezing.

RMA of Texas

RMA of Texas has an international reputation for achieving high IVF success rates for fertility treatment. Success at RMA of Texas has been attributed to a variety of factors including the experience and dedication of the physician and laboratory teams, individualized IVF protocols, laboratory conditions and techniques, and breakthrough technologies.

Smart IVF

SMART IVF was founded in 2016 as an extension of Aspire Fertility. The clinic was supported by the wonderful team of physicians at Aspire Fertility in San Antonio. SmartIVF has since been integrated into Aspire Fertility McAllen.

Building Beautiful Families

We’re inspiring hope and building beautiful families. Contact Aspire Fertility today!

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