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Fertility Options for Gay Couples

Posted on June 13th, 2017

There are many fertility options for gay couples who want to have a baby. There are several different scenarios that could be done to create the child.

  • Using one partner’s sperm with an anonymous donor’s eggs
  • Using the other partner’s sperm with an anonymous donor’s eggs
  • Using one partner’s sperm with a known donor’s eggs
  • The option to do IVF or an IUI
  • Using donor eggs, but choosing a known (friend or family member) carrier to carry the baby
  • Using a known donor and carrier
  • Using donor sperm and donor eggs

The couple is able to pick the eye color, skin color, hair color, health history, and education of the unknown donor. They can also look at pictures of the donor and their family. This is really neat because it enables the couple to choose traits of their baby and possibly avoid traits of their own. Many gay couples these days are having babies and it is becoming more accepted. Everyone deserves to be able to have a child regardless of their sexual preference.


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