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How to Be an Advocate During National Infertility Awareness Week

Posted on April 17th, 2020

Approximately one in every eight couples has difficulty getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. However, in spite of its pervasiveness, infertility continues to be a frequently misunderstood condition. Not only is this harmful to those who are currently struggling with infertility, but it can also keep others in the dark about their own fertility health.

Every April, National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), which takes place April 19-25 this year, serves as an opportunity for the infertility community to come together and spread awareness. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter make it possible for anyone to be an online advocate for infertility by sharing their unique stories and reaching countless people around the globe. Below find a great way that you can help change the conversation during NIAW.

Share Your Fertility Story on Social Media

One of the best ways to combat a lack of awareness is by sharing your own experience with fertility. There are many people who, having never experienced it themselves, have an unclear or incorrect image of what infertility really is. Unfortunately, when something doesn’t impact people directly, sometimes it can fall off their radar. Sharing your story helps give a face and a voice to infertility. While facts and statistics are great sources of information and education, people are more likely to respond strongly to a personal story.

By simply sharing your story, you are taking an active role in changing the conversation. You’re also inspiring others to share their own story, which has the potential to prompt a domino effect of awareness. You can use the hashtags #NIAW, #ChangingtheConversation, and #MyStory in your post, or take part in RESOLVE’s #WearOrange campaign on April 22.

Be an Advocate for Yourself and the Community

Becoming an online advocate during NIAW can be an empowering experience for both the storyteller and the audience. This year, consider getting involved and changing the conversation. To learn more about infertility and NIAW, please contact Aspire Fertility.


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