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Tips For Finding a Gestational Carrier

Posted on February 2nd, 2018

Finding out from your provider that you need to use a gestational carrier to have a baby can be upsetting and stressful. However, some patients choose to use a gestational carrier because they don’t feel the desire to carry their own child. Some patients don’t want to have carrying a baby negatively affect their body. No matter your reason, there are many characteristics that you should look for when choosing an excellent gestational carrier. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your gestational carrier.

Physical health

First, you want to make sure that the person is physically healthy. A provider should examine the carrier, and complete a full physical to ensure that they are healthy. You want to be sure that the person’s uterus and all other important organs related to carrying a baby are very healthy. The carrier should be free of any fertility issues, and should not have diabetes, high blood pressure, or any chronic illnesses. Make sure your carrier doesn’t smoke or drink. You want to be able to know that the carrier will make healthy decisions for your baby related to what they eat, and how they treat their body. At Aspire, we highly suggest families obtain the medical records of the potential gestational carrier indicating that they are indeed healthy so that you have written proof.

Mental and emotional health

Just as important as physical health is the mental and emotional health of your gestational carrier. Requesting a psychological evaluation is common. This is extremely important so that you trust the person who is carrying your baby. You want to know that the carrier is eating healthy food, not abusing substances, not physically harming the baby, and taking good care of their body to ensure that the baby is as healthy as possible.

Good communication

Excellent communication is critical when it comes to your carrier. You should make sure that they will willingly and openly communicate with you and your treatment team. The carrier will need to attend many provider appointments, communicate with providers and nurses, and you want to be informed of what is going on so that you are fully engaged in the process.


Compensation is something that you definitely need to discuss with your carrier. Most couples pay for all of the medical expenses for their carriers. This includes medication, provider visits, co-pays, etc. They also often offer to bring them meals once in a while. If you find a carrier through an agency, you pay the agency fee and also a fee to the carrier. The cost of an agency fee is around $20,000. Most people pay carriers around $30,000. Then you should add to that number the total cost of medical bills.
Some people use a family member or friend as their gestational carrier. There are also agencies that screen gestational carriers thoroughly and can help you find a gestational carrier for a fee. Two agencies that do this are: 3 Sisters Surrogacy and Family Source Consultants. You want to have full confidence in your gestational carrier so that you have the healthiest baby possible.


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