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What to Ask Your Fertility Provider About PGD

Posted on August 15th, 2017

The road to IVF is full of medical information that can easily become very overwhelming. Here are specific questions to ask your fertility clinic when considering PGD:

Am I a candidate for PGD?

A conversation with your physician, taking into account your age, fertility history, and genetic history, is a good starting point. Generally, you could benefit if you have recurrent miscarriages, a history of genetic disease, unexplained infertility, advanced maternal age, male factor infertility, or repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles.

What company is used for the PGD test?

There are many companies that clinics use for the PDG test. Be sure to ask why your clinic chose the company that they use in order to verify their credibility. Also, ask about the methods they use in order to analyze the chromosomes.

How much experience does the embryologist performing the biopsy have?

The biopsy requires great expertise and should only be completed by experienced an experienced embryologist. Ask if the lab performing the PGD has a Ph.D.- or MD-trained medical geneticist responsible for the PGD laboratory.

When do I receive my results of the PGD test?

This is important to know so that you are prepared for the wait time until you can receive the results. It will vary based on the specific company that the clinic uses for testing. The results will be sent back to your clinic’s physician who will then discuss the results directly with you.

What happens if my embryos are genetically abnormal?

If you experience this, a consultation with your physician should include a discussion regarding an analysis of the genetic information of each of the embryos. Based on this information, the options for future treatment can be discussed.

What is the clinic’s success rate for frozen embryo transfer following embryo biopsy?

It is important to ask for the specific statistical rates for the clinic success so that you can compare them to others in your geographic location. Not all clinics have extensive experience performing PGD.

These questions can assist you in obtaining accurate information if you are considering PGD. Schedule an appointment with one of our fertility experts or email Aspire with any questions. You can also schedule an appointment at any of the Aspire Fertility Clinics or call the:


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