social freezing

Social Freezing

The procedure for freezing a woman’s eggs was developed to meet a medical need. If a woman was being treated for a serious illness, such as cancer, and needed to delay starting a family, freezing her eggs for later fertilization enabled her to do so.

Today, egg freezing is still a valuable fertility treatment in oncofertility treatments, and other cases of medical need. But the technique is also available to every woman concerned about her fertility.

There are many reasons why, as a woman, you may choose to delay having children. You may have career or educational goals to meet. You may wish to travel, achieve financial independence, or simply enjoy your relationship before starting a family.

Social freezing removes the pressure of the ‘biological clock’ by providing an option to freeze eggs while you have good ovarian reserve and egg quality. You can then use those eggs at a later date when your personal circumstances are right for motherhood, even if your age would make natural conception difficult.

Whatever your reasons, our team can help answer your questions, and help you make decisions that are right for you.

Social Freezing