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How Do You Feel During IVF Stimulation?

Posted on August 21st, 2017

A lot of patients worry about how they will feel during IVF stimulation. Many women feel like the emotions they experience are more intense. A good way to describe it is to compare it to PMS, but PMS “on steroids.” Maybe you can get a laugh out of that description. I often have patients telling me that they are extra worried, angry, sensitive, and more sad than normal. Don’t let this worry you though, not every patient experiences these types of emotions. Some women go through stimulation feeling like their normal selves. I tell patients to remind themselves and their partners, close friends, and family that their emotions are exaggerated. This can help people close to them understand what they are going through. It is also good to do self-talk, like telling yourself “this is not me, it’s the hormones.” A session with a counselor can help greatly while going through stim, because a counselor can help you to vent and learn coping mechanisms.

Some of the physical symptoms that you may encounter while going through stim are: feeling tired, bloated, having headaches, and possibly gaining weight. Let your nurse and provider know if you experience any of these symptoms. Exercising, eating healthy, getting rest, staying positive, and de-stressing can help alleviate these symptoms. Keep in mind that going through IVF stimulation is only temporary and the payoff is often totally worth it.


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