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I Want Twins. Can You Help Me?

Posted in Houston Metro on July 21st, 2017

There are several problems with intentionally trying for a multiple pregnancy: In aiming for twins, there’s the possibility of ending up with more than just two. The average pregnancy which starts with triplets or more results in no live babies.

If we look at twin pregnancies, the chance that one of the babies will die in pregnancy or after delivery is 5 times higher than having a singleton. The risk of cerebral palsy is 4 times higher and there’s a 19-fold increase in long-term disability. These complications are related to the much higher risk of extreme prematurity (delivery before 32 weeks) for twins.

For the mother of twins, the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clotting, prolonged hospitalization and C-section are significantly increased. The chance of the mother of twins dying as a result of a pregnancy complication is twice that of that for mothers of singletons.

I would like couples to have the opportunity to have multiple children. The safe way to do this is to have them one at a time.

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