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Inception Fertility Ventures Partners With RMA of Texas

Posted on August 1st, 2018

Inception Fertility Ventures has partnered with RMA of Texas and has merged RMA with its Aspire Fertility operation. The merger forms the largest provider of fertility services in Texas, with operations in greater Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and McAllen. With the exception of McAllen, the merged business will operate under the Aspire Fertility brand. The McAllen location will continue to operate under its current name: smartIVF.

RMA of Texas was founded by Francisco Arredondo, MD, MPH. For the past 10 years, he and his six-member physician team have helped make over 2,000 dreams of starting a family come true. With a unique perspective on the fertility market, they built their clinics on a foundation of transformation, with an over-arching theme that will become integral to the new venture: Today you, tomorrow a family. For Dr. Arredondo and his team, the fertility business is not just about helping people get pregnant, but about meeting each and every patient where they are, and successfully guiding them along the path that leads to parenthood.

In the two years since they opened their doors Aspire Fertility has successfully served patients in the greater Houston area, as well as Dallas and Atlanta, with a clear purpose: to achieve the highest bar in experience, science and medicine—no exceptions. Having once been the patients themselves, founder and CEO TJ Farnsworth and his wife Margaret have made it their mission to employ innovative communications technologies and advanced therapies to maximize outcomes, and make the following promise: Every patient can expect a five-star experience. Every time.

In the new venture, Dr. Arredondo will continue to serve as Chief Medical Officer. He and the entire RMA team look forward to the new venture and tremendous growth opportunities for the combined company.

“At this difficult place in our patients’ lives, our business is first and foremost about their experience, and Dr. Arredondo and his team share that conviction,” says TJ Farnsworth, Inception Founder and CEO. “RMA does not have ‘staff members;’ instead they have advocates, champions, smiles, shoulders, dream makers, believers, well-wishers, and those in the lab even refer to themselves as ‘first babysitters.’ Most top-tier fertility clinics share similar success rates, and we both strive to stay ahead of the national average. But that is only part of the equation. For this new venture, it is our combined passion for our patients on their journey to expand their family that will continue to set us remarkably far apart in the fertility marketplace.”

Adds Dr. Arredondo, “We’ve been courted by numerous other fertility companies but none have been the right fit―until now. We have the utmost respect for Aspire Fertility and we share a critically important cultural commonality in that providing a world-class patient experience is just as important as our ability to help them start or expand their family. To that end, we are excited to work together to help a considerably wider audience achieve their dreams.”

About Aspire Fertility

Aspire Fertility is a subsidiary of Inception Fertility Ventures, headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company’s mission is to shift the paradigm of the IVF market by raising the standard of care, streamlining fragmented components into an integrated system, and enhancing the overall patient experience. In business since 2015, the company operates facilities in Houston and Dallas. For more information about Aspire Fertility, please call 713.300.1123 or visit

About RMA of Texas

In operation since 2008, RMA of Texas is one of the state’s largest and most experienced centers for infertility treatment. RMA’s mission is to know each patient as a person, with their own medical, emotional and financial needs, as well as their own ethical and social values. RMA goes to great lengths to make each patient feel safe, pampered, and stress-free in facilities that feel more like a spa than a medical clinic, even as they provide cost-effective treatment options. The company operates facilities in San Antonio and Austin; their smartIVF fertility center operates in McAllen.


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