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Aspire Fertility One of the First Fertility Clinics in the US to Launch RI Witness™

Posted on September 9th, 2016

Radio Frequency Identification Tags virtually eliminate patient concern about becoming separated
from their own eggs, sperm, or embryos throughout the fertility process.

HOUSTON, Texas (August 25, 2016) —Aspire Fertility is among the first Fertility Clinics in the United States to launch RI Witness™ in its Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) labs—a technologically advanced system that locks a patient’s identity to their eggs, sperm, or embryos at every stage of infertility treatment. RI Witness automatically tracks and records every piece of patient data, and creates a comprehensive record of each patient’s samples, making it the most simple, but indispensable, component of the ART management system.

RI Witness technology uses non-invasive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to track each patient’s eggs, sperm, and embryos throughout the duration of treatment. Tag readers are integrated into workstations where samples are transferred between containers, providing the essential controls necessary to ensure eggs, sperm, and embryos are correctly matched and treated. If plasticware containing samples of incompatible origin come into contact any stage of the cycle, the system activates an alarm and prompts the embryologist to halt the procedure and respond.

The RFID tag reader’s unique design ensures clinicians are working on only one set of samples at a time, that correct samples are being used, and that appropriate protocols are being followed. They also ensure samples are continually maintained at the appropriate temperature. The resulting controlled and fail-safe working environment virtually eliminates the risk of mixed or improperly handled samples, providing an extra layer of security.

Other non-manual witnessing systems typically rely on embryologists to request a sample check, but these samples give only a tiny snapshot of the sample’s whereabouts when out of the incubator. In contrast, RI Witness automatically identifies all samples, so that no tagged plasticware goes unchecked.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this technology into our labs,” adds TJ Farnsworth, Aspire Fertility founder and CEO. “By introducing a system that verifies established safety protocols, RI Witness gives our lab technicians, our embryologists, and most importantly—our patients—peace of mind.”

Aspire Fertility is a subsidiary of Inception Fertility, headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company’s mission is to shift the paradigm of the IVF market by raising the standard of care, streamlining fragmented components into an integrated system, and enhancing the overall patient experience. In business since 2015, the company operates facilities in Houston, TX, Austin, TX, McAllen, TX, San Antonio, TX, and Dallas, TX. For more information about Aspire Fertility, please call 713.300,1123 or visit


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