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What are The Costs of IVF Treatments?

Posted on April 13th, 2017

It is important to understand the nuts and bolts of the entire IVF treatment process when trying to quantify your cost for treatment. The total cost of IVF treatments includes multiple services and ongoing support for your IVF journey.

In the beginning, there are labs necessary for you and your partner before the start of the IVF cycle, as well as possible diagnostic screening. These are services that could be covered by your insurance plan.

At Aspire Fertility, the IVF process costs include:

  • office visits
  • lab work
  • ultrasounds that lead up the egg retrieval procedure and embryo transfer
  • the procedure room
  • equipment used for retrieval of eggs and transfer of the embryo
  • unlimited visits with our in-house licensed counselor
  • embryology services to include assisted hatching,ICSI,delayed embryo transfer, and cryostoragefor one year.

There are additional services such as anesthesia and medicine that are organized in-house but have separate pricing. The anesthesia used for the egg retrieval procedure is often paid directly to the anesthesiologist. Medication costs are individualized to each treatment plan and are typically ordered directly from the pharmacy by our nursing staff for patients.

Are IVF treatments covered by insurance?

Many states mandate coverage for infertility, however, the coverage may only be for the testing that leads to the diagnosis of infertility and for the treatment of underlying medical conditions. It is important to understand your individual health policy and the limits of coverage and speak with someone to answer your specific questions. Ask your fertility clinic if they offer financing options or payment plans.

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At Aspire, we can assist in verifying your insurance benefits to determine the financial responsibility. To learn more about financing for IVF or if you are considering undergoing fertility treatment, please continue to read our blog, and feel free to contact us and make an appointment at either our Dallas, Austin, McAllen, San Antonio, or Houston clinic locations.


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