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What Causes Male Infertility?

Posted on May 2nd, 2017

Male infertility is typically caused by problems that impact sperm production or sperm transport.

New studies show that in 40 percent of cases with couples experiencing difficulty conceiving, male factor infertility is the sole or contributing cause of infertility.

What are Medical Causes of Male Infertility?

Male infertility can be caused by numerous health issues and medical treatments. The most common reversible cause of infertility is varicocele, a swelling of the veins that drain the testicle, which reduces the quality of the sperm. Further, infections, ejaculation issues, antibodies that attack sperm, tumors, undescended testicles, and hormone imbalance can also contribute to the problem. There are also certain inherited disorders that can cause abnormal development of the male reproductive organs. Celiac disease can also cause an issue but may improve after beginning a gluten-free diet. It is important to watch what medications you take as some can affect fertility.

What are Environmental Causes of Male Infertility?

Daily overexposure to certain elements in the environment can affect sperm production and function. Working with industrial chemicals, being exposed to lead, radiation or x-rays can also contribute to low sperm counts. High doses of radiation can even permanently reduce sperm production. Elevated temperatures within the testicles reduce sperm production so it’s important to be mindful of using hot tubs or saunas and working on laptops for extended periods of time.

What are Lifestyle Causes of Male Infertility?

Illicit drug use such as steroids, cocaine, and marijuana can decrease sperm production. Alcohol use can lower testosterone levels and lead to lower sperm production. Also, smoking does contribute to a lower sperm count. How much stress do you manage every day? The impact of emotional stress can be great as stress can inhibit certain hormones that are needed to produce sperm. Obesity also impairs fertility so taking time during the week to engage in physical activity can prove beneficial.
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