Michael Baker, PhD, TS, HCLD

Michael Baker, PhD, TS, HCLD

Aspire Fertility San Antonio

Dr. Michael Baker is a highly respected IVF laboratory director with over 10 years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. Known for his refined embryology skills, innovative leadership, and unwavering commitment to laboratory safety, he has helped countless patients achieve their dream of parenthood.

“Providing exceptional laboratory services means optimizing success at every stage of our patient’s fertility journey. Quality improvement never stops when we have the chance to send one more baby home!”
— Michael Baker

Dr. Baker earned a Bachelor's degree in Genetics from Texas A&M University and a PhD in Reproductive Biology from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. He further honed his skills through intensive embryology training in Florida, where he gained a deep understanding of laboratory operations and optimized his technical proficiency.
As a certified Technical Supervisor in Embryology and High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director by the American Board of Bioanalysts, Dr. Baker upholds the highest standards in reproductive medicine. He has served as the President of the Colorado Association of Reproductive Technologists (CART), a regional professional organization committed to advancing fertility treatment across the state.
Currently, Dr. Baker serves as the laboratory director for Aspire Dallas, Aspire San Antonio, and Pacific Fertility Center. He is a key leader within Inception Fertility's laboratory steering committee and has dedicated significant effort towards the optimization of SART data reporting and the implementation of electronic laboratory witnessing across the network.
Dr. Baker's dedication to compassionate and personalized patient care has made him a trusted partner for individuals seeking high-quality fertility treatment. His exceptional technical skills, reassuring expertise, and proven leadership have enabled him to build top-tier embryology programs across the country.

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